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Update: Life evolves, and hopefully so does this site. 

While everything on this page is still pertinent, working through all the material gets increasingly difficult for you the reader. So make sure to also use the "Everything INDEX" page to help guide you through the woods.




The goal: To see if a certain wavelength of light helps those with "long-term" COVID-19.


No enrollees, no study, no answer, goal not met.


So for a possible or actual participant in this study, presented below is a useful Index of what appears on this site.

It should help you move through the information in a logical and helpful way.

Come back to it often if you feel lost, or if you feel something is missing from the story for you.

We'll keep the Index complete as items get added.


You'll find that sometimes information relevant to the study is not actually on this site.

It's on another "sister" site that preceded this one, which is devoted by choice and necessity to the present study. But the other site offers essential background.

For example, a bibliography of articles on mitochondria and COVID-19. Here's another. "Long-term" COVID-19: It's about energetics, mitochondria, damage and repair. Links to such articles will also be included below in the Index where useful.


The translator included above should help solve problems for those where English is not the native language.


As you work your way through this, if a question or several questions arise, write them down and send these to   A prompt response will reach you soon.


  INDEX - With Annotations  


The Landing Page - you saw that.


Criteria for Enrollment - who is the study looking to study? The "long-term" COVID-19 illness has symptoms. Are these what you have lived? 


The study's Protocol - it's the guide and summary of how this study should proceed. How things are done, why, when, and by whom ..., declare their answers through the Protocol.

The guiding light (with occasional periods of eclipse) in this work is the Principal Investigator, who's BIO is linked to on the site.


Brief summary? - In a study limited to those who identify as having "long-term" COVID-19,

an intervention with light will be studied in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled manner. Several types of data will be gathered and analyzed to see if this intervention is or is not effective.


Enrollee tasks - Those who sign on will do some work in support of the study, over a 31 day period. These tasks should generate results that define the level of effectiveness of the study's interventions. The more a participant is committed to performing this work as described and thoroughly explained, the more convincing will be the analysis of results obtained. Even if these lights don't do a thing in this setting, it's important to know that. Those with "long-term" COVID-19 have been struggling for 6.6 months on average. Many longer. Sharing their situation over 31 days will probably not seem particularly long, or certainly be more tolerable and shorter than the illness has been. This work is randomized but not random. By which is meant that this is not "anything goes," or "we'll try it and see..." As you continue to read here, judge carefully for yourself whether a desire to commit to this protocol is felt or not.


The Participant's Calendar - Things to do on certain specific days, requires a calendar for clarity and confirmation. This is it. This page also addresses how certain days are different from others, and which measurements are made on which days.


DEMOS - these are a part of the instructional material in support of a participant's tasks. Some are written out. Some are galleries of images or a video. Often, all of those. The following link takes one to a page presenting an Index of DEMOS, so one can more quickly find what one needs, and review what the process should look like at home. It should be reassuring to view these. There is no exam at the end.





What preceded the present study and led to it should probably be of interest.

We're talking about a viral illness that got out of control and for many, remains so.

Actually, that has been summarized, including required links, on the landing page.

Pertinent info arising out of a questionnaire is quite exhaustively presented at

Less exhaustive (and exhausting) but perhaps effective, is the "fly-by" overview from

that site to get one started thinking along with us, towards our present protocol.


We introduce these past results on this present site on this page: An essential "home point" to always return to as we advance in this study. 


Is this Science or Snake Oil?

We accept the question without insult, since we posed it.

Ans.: We'll make sure it remains Science, and will make its results available for appropriate challenge by the scientific community.


And here's another question ...

If this is Science (notice the capital "S"), why aren't the BIG Boys doing this light thing?

The BIG Boys created vaccines. Wow! The BIG Boys are starting to open "long-term" COVID-19 clinics after ignoring and belittling all those presenting with it for more than a year. So why aren't they selling light? 


So far, it doesn't fit their posture and positioning. They do Goliath stuff. This study's protocol is David stuff.

Then again ..., who won that fight? 


Look around at The Science is in fact unmistakably there, or linked to.

The "pitch" for selling bowling balls is not the same one as the "pitch" for selling fishing poles.


Doctor Goliath, while you're memorizing your Medical "pitch" for COVID-19, go ask the majority of those with "long-term" COVID-19 how well they were welcomed in your existing Medical System during the past year. They'll tell you


And while they were waiting for Doctor Goliath to wake up, to take notice and listen to them, they took care of each other. Healing starts with giving a damn and with silly-sounding expressions like "feeling their pain." Without that, Medicine, Science, and everything associated is frightfully lost. Hopefully, it's not too late. JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association) says that 1 in 5 physicians has had enough and is getting out. Hopefully, it's not too late.


And here we are.


So, potential participant, are you up to the challenge? Do you fit with its entry criteria?

Honestly, we hope so. 





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