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To help find what you are looking for, here is an Index of the several DEMOS and links to other instructional information.


The goal is to have readily available information on the equipment furnished for this study.

The more this is used to perform various measurements and interventions in a unified manner, the better will be the data emerging from study.


Much of this is very elementary. That doesn't matter. If information or suggestions are not necessary most of the time, when they are necessary, you'll find links here in this Index.

Like a User's Manual, links here should lead to explanations of "How To Do."


"When To Do" is covered elsewhere, with the Participant's Calendar.




  Carrying out the Interventions  


The LED lights that have been supplied


The Marching Test


Getting your results into the record (else, no study).



  Measuring the effects of the Interventions  


The Vital Signs Measurements


The Visual Acuity Test


Fingerstick Blood Sampling





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