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On September 6, '23: Something New ! 


The "Minimalist" protocol. Click on the link for an introduction into what that represents.




This site serves to introduce and moderate a study of potential benefit to those suffering with the "long-term" variant of COVID-19 (LTC).


No matter how often they change the name of this illness, ("Post-Acute COVID-19 Syndrome" most lately) it remains the same difficult challenge for many, and now since more than two years. Imagine: 2 years of feeling not well!


Here we will organize the study of an intervention which uses certain specific wavelengths of light.


The scientific rationale for proposing this has been presented in logical steps on several pages at

These have been summarized in this video, referred to again below.


On the above site, based on responses to a survey of those with "long-term" COVID-19, a hypothesis emerged that the wide range of findings lasting for 6 months and more:



A quick (7 minute) overview of where that prior study had led us, can be found at the link.





Are you someone who could potentially be interested in participating?  Perhaps participating as a CONTROL subject if you don't have LTC ?


If so, this site will also serve as your "User's Manual": your guide to such participation.


Steps leading up to this point, and the rational for the present study, can be vued in this introductory video. As the present study advances, some of what was presented in that video has been modified. This is a time-sensitive process. But the video still provides a good introduction leading towards the present protocol.


What follows is presented in great detail, not only because that is required to give you complete information, but may prove helpful in making your decision to participate with others with "long-term" COVID-19 in meeting this challenge. If at any time this level of detail loses you, click the 'Lost? Click Here' link in the above menu to find your way out of the woods. There is a topic INDEX, which will probably also come to serve you well in your navigations here. We call it "the Everything INDEX."


And if you're having difficulty with the English language, don't forget the translator at the top of each page.


Simply put: this study aims to define scientifically whether an intervention using specific wavelengths of light, can help those presenting with "long-term" COVID-19.


Any assumptions that "this can't possibly work" are also lacking in supportive data.

It's time to accept the challenge that the proposed focused data gathering represents. If that sounds a bit cold, it's not. It's compassionately caring for others in its most active form. Science with a Heart.


Let's find out if we should work together on this or not.