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A good guide has many times walked the path you now find yourself on.


Outreach includes saying at times; "Show me the way."


Moving towards an understanding of the "Long-term" COVID-19 situation includes a map that the guide always carries during the walk. I chose to write "situation" and not "illness" because "Long-term" COVID-19 has already moved from simple involvement at that personal medical level of being sick, to widespread effects in world healthcare reform, labor markets and economies.


That map is not yet completely drawn in, since many parts are still missing.

It leaves out certain inhabitants of this environment who are also involved and clearly present.

But much is known, can be shared, and the sketched map gives us the terrain.

It shouldn't take long to know if one is at the beach, or in the mountains, unless you are blindfolded.


Other senses will of course reach out continuously to suggest where you are.

Those are our instincts. They also exist and with time become more developed in scientific research. One learns to observe with all tools available.


Unfortunately, many who arrive for this trek arrive at the start, still blindfolded. 


So first, let's remove our blindfolds and have a look at what that "average person" with "Long-term" COVID-19 can teach us. Before picking up rucksack and water bottles, this walk begins by identifying the home point on the map. It's the place to always know the path back to.

Just like when you turn the key and push the door open where you live: "Yes, this is home," is what you say with your entire being. Feeling protected.


Not everyone's home is the same. Especially if one extends that globally from apartments and estates to huts. Similarly not everyone with "Long-term" COVID-19 will live the same experience.


Yet most will easily find themselves in the following summary of average findings.


As you prepare to view the video below, a word about the numbers.

Here in Belgium, the decimal separator is a comma (",") and not a period (".").

So when you see "1,234" that is not "one thousand, two hundred thirty-four."

It's "one point two, three four."


Now have a look.




Once one begins to feel some mastery of the terrain, keeping this basic map presented above close at hand, one can next begin to ask further questions about those parts of the map that are missing.


Answers obtained will give direction to further exploration. Done of course safely, and without

becoming lost in the darkness of unknowing or finding oneself at a dead end.

But if unfortunately at a dead end, where is the path back to home?


Many of those questions and their answers will be presented subsequently, adding a

deeper understanding of the terrain of "Long-term" COVID-19.


These should always have a traceable path back to the home point on the map as just presented above.


For convenience, here is a link to the this video of our starting point, that you can take with you as you proceed:



Here at, our present work always remembers this home point.




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