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A Pulse Oximeter has been provided to those enrolled in this study.


It is used along with other instruments to measure and document Vital Signs during this study,

and to follow how these values evolve during the intervention with light.


Pulse oximeters measure through intact skin, the level of oxygen saturation of

hemoglobin in red blood cells flowing through the peripheral tissues of an extremity.


That's a very long and scientific way of summarizing what these little devices accomplish.


To use them, one could say: "Stick the thing on your finger, push its button, and read the numbers it's displaying for your pulse (small number) and peripheral oxygen saturation (spO2, the large number)."


Actual use is essentially that simple.


But for a bit more information on the actual device enrollees in the study are using, and a few tips and tricks related to these measuring tools, view the video shown just below.





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