The Blood Pressure and Pulse, Wrist Cuff Device

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The following video provides a complete introduction into the setup and use of the supplied device.


Mention is first made of the fact that obtaining accurate, reproducible results with this device requires pairing its use with the Vital Signs Stand. This has been constructed specifically for this protocol. It assures that the device used by a seated person, maintains a nearly identical height above heart level when making measurements.


Hand made for your measurement comfort, stability, security and expertise!


Since enrollees vary in height, the more relevant fact is that each enrollees height does not change during the study: A safe assumption. So effects due to the intervention under study on vital sign values, and any changes in these, should not be influenced by variations in cuff position when measuring. There should be very little if the stand is properly used each and every time a series of measurements is made.


The video below makes this clear.


Once the video has been started, click the square at bottom right to watch it Full Screen.





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