The 'Stability Stand' (light stand) and its parts

Just a quick overview to see what it looks like.

It's design has proved helpful for both head and back interventions.


It's stable, but the red-handled spring clamp seen below is essential !

Otherwise, it risks finding its way to the floor.

Here I clip it at the edge of an open desk.

Whatever works, but remember to use the spring clamp.




The PVC clip applied to the smaller vertical pipe allows for some adjustment of height by sliding the smaller PVC pipe (32 mm) inside the larger one (40mm).


The other thing to remember is that the 1.25 cm thick wooden "bump" in the center of the lamp reminds one to stay up close to get the desired energy (40 Joules/ cm²). Remember, it doesn't cause burns. If one moves back two feet, it still looks "red" but much less energy transmitted. While one doesn't need to stay in permanent contact with the "bump," staying up close is the right idea. So is turning slowly from side to side with one's head fro example.

(Other videos about that are available on this site, and which you may have already seen).




In case someone wants to do a little DIY, below a little summary of the associated costs when materials are purchased here where I am. (Still had some PVC pipe glue, so excluded it here).




Outlay per stand



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