Are we sliding towards testimonials, unchallenged impressions and magic ?


Well, I certainly don't think so.


Then again, one wouldn't predict that the "principle investigator" would think differently.

I don't think I ever studied Magic Tricks. I thought we were being taught Science.

Albert Einstein sometimes waffled at the fronteir between the two:



So it's nice to pick from my increasingly voluminous library something that suggests that PBM directed towards a cephalic target (not to say: "head") might actually do some good.


Here's a link to one such article: 


"Psycholocigal Benefits 2 and 4 Weeks After a Single Treatment with Near-Infrared Light to the Forehead: A Pilot Study of 10 Patients with Anxiety & Depression."


"What ? ! Are you implying that subjects with LTC have, well, ... emotional problems ?!"



I covered all of that back in August of 2020.

There are physical findings.

There are emotional findings.

There is a balance between the two.

Here are the links to my articles way-back-then...


Q. 43 - The perceived balance between Physical & Emotional components of the "long-term" COVID-19 illness


And ...


Q. 44 - Emotional symptoms and findings


And ...


Q. 45, 46, 47, 48, 49 - Sources of effective emotional support


So for those who have already joined the "Minimalist" protocol (and those considering it), yes the protocol includes shining a light towards one's head. 


If you're very convinced that emotional issues for you tend to dwell in your right great toe, then by all means, shine a light on it. (And mention in your Journal entry that you're doing that).


WOW! Already several years since I put those responses together !


And what has changed to help those with LTC ?

  • Well, some governments have added to their Houses of Science (like NIH in the US), committees that are now dedicated (or at least dedicated some of the time), in gathering more data on LTC and its multiple manifestations.
  • Some spots have even opened LTC Clinics.
    • These are usually available if you have good financial or health insurance status.
      • (It ought to be free: it's not).
    • These serve to practice whatever was being practiced before, but in greater volume.
      • "Greater volume" is usually a well-received phenomenon.
      • Once one has the day-to-day of Medical Practice down pat, why not share that level of perfection (especially if a Specialist) with new clients presented to you by the System, day after day ? Why not after all, stick to what you know best ?
    • Pharmaceutical companies continue to stealthyfully work away on "solutions."
      • For those particularly difficult and different emotional issues related to LTC - they're formulating Lower Tension Candy to calm those with LTC and induce LTC stupor as needed. 
      • And since more women than men have these regrettable sequelae, clearly there has got to be a link to hormones. - an obvious need. This based in a recent discovery: "Men and Women With LTC - Found to Have Different Genitalia." Ask for the link if of use in your own personal research). And since men with LTC now have proven excess of female hormones, and women not enough, or too much male hormone(s) well, Level-modifying Testosterone Complements. ("Take your LTC's twice a day. Taking them with a glass of wine or two is not contraindicated.")
        • (More stealthy pharmaceutical work. And FDA sees so far, no problem in an EUA (Emergency Use Authorization). This since primarily, when a person's hormones are out of whack, watch out ! Men might turn into Tiny Tim and women into Arnold Schwartzenneger or Rambo. "Well is s/he, or isn't s/he ?" ask the Judges at the end of the Marathon's Finish Line ...


Tiny Tim

Regrettably, Tiny left us in 1996 so he won't be found at the finish line anymore.


      • Many LTC'ers will share the news on Facebook and soon start gobbling up product. Clearly to be hoped for by Big Pharma "Wonderful ! Wonderful !"). As is said in French: "De bouche à l'oreille." (From mouth (yours) to ear (someone else's)) - Yes, it sells product. What's more important than hormonal balance? Just ask your Primary Care Provider. Big Pharma's detail men (and women) have already begun knocking at the clinic door. (I don't know what they're offering at present. It used to be a new Littman stethoscope or otoscope if we were good practitioners. And at least a pizza or box of Chinese food if we seemed less convinced).




Am I being too hard on the System? We all seemed pretty happy when it cranked out vaccines at lightening speed if you recall !


Oh, I don't know. Let's ask some individuals with LTC what they think about that interface:


At the link above is the advice they had for practitioners of care, back in September and October of 2020.


Has there been much change in these findings ?


You decide.


But your light stand and light will soon start gathering dust if you wait too long.


Head is Safe. Back is Safe and OK too. Great toe: let us know and we'll discuss it.


And remember, no matter what, each day find some way to place in your universe some:


  • Beauty
  • Joy
  • Compassion (especially as Compassionate Action - do for others what he/ she can no longer do on his/ her own)
  • Rest


Your body needs them all to heal.


Did I already ask ? 


Do you want to heal, or prefer staying stuck and drained forever ?



But don't forget: 10 minutes of light/ d.


And if this light thing just seems absurd, here's my final quote from Albert:


  • “If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.”

- Albert Einstein     


And yes, it would seem that NIH and NHS and others might not agree very much with Albert's thoughts about what merits funding. Instead: "Stay The Course."    






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