"So How's It Going ?"


So just imagine ...


You received your material.


You've set up the Stability Stand.


The light is attached to it.


The adapter for the EU plug even plugs in where you are.


You've decided whether your a "Head Only,' or "Head and Back" person.


Your ready to go except ...

Each day of the intervention may provide you with 'data' as well as light.


Those 'data' in the present situation are mostly subjective (we decided) and may include:

  1. additional questions of a "How To" nature, or problems with the equipment
  2. things you are noticing on any of the 10 days like:
    1. Changes in physical status
    2. Changes in emotional status
    3. Changes in relating to/ functioning in your environment
    4. Changes in day-to-day findings of any/ all sorts


Of course, by day 8 or so, days 1 or 2 may have been a bit forgotten with respect to some details. Just a guess or example.


So I've created a safe place where a participant can "place" such objective data.

- It will ALL stay private until you decide otherwise.

- It comes to me for 'storage' but nothing more until you decide otherwise.

- It is not available in an article on this site, until you decide otherwise.

- It's not shared with other "Minimalists."



Here's the daily (for 10 days) survey:

  • Think of it as your Personal Journal during the "Minimalist" protocol.
  • A link I provide privately will get you to it.
  • It's not at all a "Multiple Choice" or "Strength of Response (Likert)", nor "Dates and Durations" kind of thing.
  • Instead, blank spaces in a few categories (the 'data' mentioned above).
  • I'm currently setting this up on SurveyMonkey, but if your first reaction to "survey" is = "nuisance", forget that and think blank pages in your Journal.


I'm doing this for both participants and myself, and primarily to prevent data loss, especially with subjective data.


To know who's completing her or his Journal, in each day's entry you'll be asked to enter:

  • The Day of the Intervention (e.g., Day 1 or 6 or 10, etc.)
  • The actual Calendar Date of your entries
  • Your Study ID# (now what is that ?) - to know on my end who is 'talking', each entry asks for you Study ID#. It's a combination of "Min + Initials or Pseudo +Year of Birth," separated by hyphens. So mine would be: Min-WJO-1950. That simple. Use your initials, use a pseudonym, whatever..., but write it down and don't forget it. Avoids confusion that can rapidly become massive in the data inbox.
  • "Head Only" or "Head and Back." While you can do it, it may be very illogical to switch from one to the other area of light from one day to the next. Select, then stick to it. After this is all over, you can switch that around if you want.


Then, and exactly how you would like to respond (or not) the 'data' mentioned just above:


  • Changes in physical status
  • Changes in emotional status
  • Changes in relating to or functioning in your environment
  • Changes in day-to-day findings of any/ all sorts


It's not Multiple Choice, but instead, you write it out just like you want.


If you prefer doing this daily survey or journal in Dutch, here is the link to that survey:


Too pooped out to do this ?

In the setting of "long-term" COVID-19, we have all learned what this means.

Some, obviously, more impacted than others.


This is not about sloth and its avoidance. (That would be rather judgemental).

It's not about hammering away for maximal completion rates.


It's about doing what is possible for a participant on any given day of the intervention.


Enough daily stress exists already. . . , let's not add to it.


Just can't swing it on any given day to answer that question "How's It Going ?"


Come back tomorrow when batteries are charged and the steam is back up.

No need to move back to the previous day, just take it from the actual day of intervention where you've arrived.


If any problems crop up in trying to go back multiple times to this online Journal, let me know.


And again, I intend to do everything I can to keep your responses totally private.



Having thought that option over and prefer instead to just send me an email update every now and then, and not use the Journal ?


That will be fine. 



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