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Here are those links once again: Important to recall that even though the tests on Day 0  and Day 11 are identical, their results are reported online at different links. So here in what follows below, is for ...


DAY 0:




  • Your Attention & Reaction Time test responses (there are only two to give) are given online at or click this link.
  • Test 6 - 6 Minute Walking Test, with tests before and after.
    • Vital Signs using supplied equipment at rest ("Pre") then at 0, 5, 10, 15 minutes.
      • You may have the required equipment (or better !) but we like the idea that everyone is using the same equipment for Vital Signs measurements. Especially, for the blood pressure measurements, using the supplied stand (not the same as the one for the light) keeps things very consistent. 
      • Report Vital Signs Results at this link. It's pretty convenient.
      • One finger stick and preparation of a blood smear at "Pre" (at rest before exercise)
      • One finger stick and preparation of a blood smear at 15 minutes after exercise.
        • Both are sent as soon as possible after their preparation to the address already written on the 'Day 11' envelope supplied in the box. Wrap the glass slides in the 3 "click together" plastic shipping boxes (top one is empty), wrapped as you received them. They're labelled to avoid error.



How could the 6 Minute Walking Test get messed up?

      • If you're not marching at the same pace as other participants.
      • If you have a treadmill, but the speeds/ durations and when they change listed in front of you on the treadmill is not being observed.
      • If you don't have a CD player (they're old fashioned now, didn't you know?) to play the CD that is in your box that was sent you.
      • You go up and down steps to prove something. Just stay on the same level.
      • You forget that after the 6 minutes are done, you take Vital Signs at 0 (immediately!), 5, 10 and 15 minutes. (You got a little exercise. You went and made some coffee and called a friend. The study gets no data). You can report your Vital Signs after your tea or coffee at this link.
      • Some other unforeseen tragedy or disaster. 


So here is a link that will play the 6 Minute Walking Test through your computer's speakers. This recording also refers to final Vital Signs at 0, 5, 10 minutes. But for those in the "Quick Impressions" protocol, we add 15 minutes, at rest after marching around.


And if you have a treadmill, and you (or even better someone else) can make the speed increases at the appropriate times, below are those intervals. The pace is rather slow, especially for an endurance athlete. But with "long-term" COVID-19 aboard, anything is possible. Remember, if you feel like passing out, sit down and stop all this nonsense! (But do quickly take your Vital Signs if you're still conscious!).


Treadmill Speeds for Walking Test (adjusted)



The "Day 0" protocol is here in PDF if you'd like to print it.








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