The Peripheral Smear Kit

Recently, material sent out to participants in the "Quick Impressions" subgroup 

was only lacking in a User's Manual to help understand how to best use these items.


Hopefully, the information supplied below will remedy that.


A link to the explanatory video is here.


An embedded version appears below.





At present, this sampling process is linked to the "6 Minute Walking Test."


Again, this means Vital Signs and a peripheral blood smear at rest, with a repeat smear obtained at 15 minutes after the 6'WT. Vital signs are repeated at 0, 5, 10, 15 minutes after the end of the 6'WT. 


This happens on "Day 0" and again on "Day 11" after 10 days of PBM intervention with light.


The details have been presented in another article.


Can't get much closer to witnessing effects, than watching what the blood cells do in response.

Response not only to the 6'WT, but especially to 10 days of photobiomodulation.




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