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  It's always good to build upon a strong foundation.  


For this ongoing study, that base came from a questionnaire last September and October.

136 respondents through that tool, told us about their life with "long-term" COVID-19.

It was very informative. Many larger surveys since, have identified the same (often surprising) results.


So one way to answer the questions: "Do I fit in? Should I consider enrolling?" is to see how closely your situation related to COVID-19, parallels these respondents who presented with "long-term" COVID-19 previously.


If you take that questionnaire, you will see how everyone responded, question by question, once you have completed it yourself.


That may help your decision here by quite a bit. But we won't twist your arm beyond that.

You don't have to take the questionnaire to get to how others answered. Those are freely available here: An Index of All Question Responses.


Clearly, as you can guess, potential enrollees should feel they have the "long-term" variant of COVID-19.


It should have lasted so far about 7 months or so, often longer. At this writing, many subjects feel the duration has exceded 1 year. So 7 months is an average.


Noted quickly here in passing: this study includes two arms: 1 for endurance athletes affected with "long-term" COVID-19, and the other arm for those who are not athletes at that level.


Other specific criteria for inclusion will be presented in just a bit on this site.


But first, have a look at the Introduction to the Questionnaire, and here is a link to the page where taking the questionnaire takes place. Through these, it should get you closer to a decision about participating or not. Maybe you really just don't fit into our present study. And that is fine for all concerned!


If you decide not to add your responses to those of others via the above questionnaire, you can still review the criteria for inclusion, and see if there is an acceptable fit or not. 

You can also feel free to ask questions, which is encouraged:


This study is a process. It involves a personal commitment, as we have already made, and will continue to make, in structuring it.


But that commitment should not be shrouded in mystery.


Participants, guided by our team, are going to try and identify if the safe application of specific wavelengths of light to the problems associated with living with "long-term" COVID-19, are beneficial or not. That's certainly enough of a goal.


Everyone would of course like a resounding positive answer to that proposition.


But even if the answer is negative - meaning, no positive effect demonstrated conclusively - that result is still important to know. It is also a result important to share.


We are not starting from zero in this study. Much scientific work precedes this effort, and with positive effects in many different domains. Again, links found on our first or "landing page" permit finding the prior art.


A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page will soon appear to present these as they arise, with answers where possible.


But in the meantime, if this all seems like "a bit much" to you, perhaps you'd be a perfect fit with our "Quick Impressions" protocol? 



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