Day 11 of the “Quick Impressions” protocol of study

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On this page we will try to be as concise as possible.


The “Day 0” introductory page has already provided a great deal of information about the tests performed on that day. The tests “Day 11” are very much the same.


Here, “Day 11” will offer links to accomplish the administrative task of keeping the results on the two days separate. Though the links are to separate surveys, no differences exist in these tests nor their reporting methods.


“Day 11” presents in addition, a final survey aimed at exploring the personal and subjective experiences of those who have just completed 10 days of a light intervention. That intervention is referred to as “photobiomodulation.” Subjectively, were there problems that occured? Were there benefits? Obviously, material to provide as essential feedback.


Most importantly, should you have any questions or comments at this time, please send them by email to”

You’ll receive a prompt response.




Below, find the tests by number and name.


Each is presented with a link for taking the associated survey on “Day 11.”

Imagine the confusion if a willing participant uses the "Day 0" survey on "Day 11" !

So to avoid that, the links are different, and in each survey, a question is included to confirm that the willing participant is on the right day.


Test 1.) - Signs & Symptoms: Frequency and Severity

Survey page is here.


Test 2.) - Trail Making Tests A & B

Quick response page is here.


Test 3.) - Mental Status Exam Be sure to indicate "Day 11" for this taking.

Survey page is here.


Test 4.) - Visual acuity test - As before, no survey page. Send MP3 or MP4 recordings to


Test 5.) - Attention & Reaction Time test The test is explained and performed once again using this video. Note your results (“Green Light” count, and precise “Duration of Green Lights” in Minutes:Seconds,Hundredths).

Then send in your answers via this quick response survey.


Test 6.) - Vital signs and a peripheral smear, before and after the 6 Minute Walking Test (6’WT). Vital signs at Pre, 0, 5, 10, 15 minute intervals are reported here. You can elect to set aside your Vital Signs results from Day 0, and enter them at the same time as those from Day 11, using the same survey. Or, enter values on each of the two days. That's up to you.

Survey page is here.


The peripheral smear process is in evolution.

We have learned that delays in mailing back your prepared slides are quite variable. This problem depends on a process (going through Customs, or not) which is beyond our control (yours and mine).


If this generates results that are biologically poor, it means that study analyses and results may also be influenced by adding variables, and no longer trustworthy. Equally bad, worrying about where the carefully prepared samples are located, and when they will actually arrive, represents a drain of energy best spent elsewhere. Maybe hard to believe, but true.


For now, we will continue to obtain these 4 samples (2 “Pre-” and two at 15 minutes “Post-” the 6’WT) and hope for a speedier return. Eventually, we may decide to include this test on Day 0 and Day 11 only for local participants. In that situation, we can be fully responsible for the peripheral smear process and conclusions drawn from its observations.


If you don't know what "the peripheral smear process" means, have a look at this link to a page on this site, and here is another.


Test 7.) - The PBM Experience

Survey page is here.



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