Your History of Present Illness

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The decision to participate in a study, or not, has input from at least two directions.


First of course, is your input about your 'relation' to "long-term" COVID-19 (LTC).

This comes, certainly, from a desire to get fully over it.


But if that is what is to be studied, those conducting the study need to feel that "long-term" COVID-19 is actually (or most probably) what is making you not feel well.


The primary tool that has always been applied to explore the cause(s) of someone not feeling well is the History of Peresent Illness.


It is the first tool to apply in pursuit of this goal of regaining health.


This remains true for those looking to obtain a "Quick Impression" about the effectiveness of a specific light interventions (photobiomodulation) for LTC.


Other tests may eventually prove essential to understanding causes of perceived effects.

But these are not the starting point. Or one could say, they should not be the starting point.


So let's make a start and see if we should work together on helping you feel better soon.


If this can be done in person, that's usually ideal.


But if not, an online survey can still be used to effectively gather important information.


And of course, your personal safety and privacy should always remain paramount.


Here is the link to thet online history tool.



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