"Quick Impressions" - Day 11 Work

  1. You did Day 0, its tests, and captured your results with online surveys.
  2. You did 10 Days of Intervention with Light.


3. Now is Day 11.

You lived this testing process 10 days ago. Let's repeat it as efficiently as possible today.


The goal is to organize this so it's as easy as possible for you, using the summary and links below.


Test 1 - Signs and Symptoms Frequency (5 minutes)


  1. reflecting before answering is more important than getting to the end ASAP.
  2. the test is timed so remember to have stopwatch handy, but it's not a race. The duration simply provides additional information.


Here is the link to take TEST 1 now on Day 11.



Test 2 - Trail Making Test (Parts A & B,  2 or 3 minutes)


  1. You need a physical sheet of paper before you to do the test.
    1. In your "Day 11" envelope, sent with your light, are copies
    2. other option: Print both TMT Part A and TMT Part B now, using these links
    3. have stopwatch at hand
    4. once done, respond with a few quick entries in this survey for Day 11.


Test 3 - Mental Status Exam (est. 8 minutes)

"Didn't we already do that on Day 0? Do you really think something will have changed?"


Well yes, you did take it Day 0. Your answers now on Day 11, after 10 days of intervention with light, should provide a response to your second question.


Here is the link to the Mental Status Exam - Day 11.



Test 4 - Visual Acuity (est. 4 minutes, once all is set up)

Did 10 days of intervention with light impact on your visual acuity?


Let's repeat it now and see.



  1. No online survey for this one. You record the test, spoken out loud, and send in your MP3 or MP4a file.


  • Material that's required and its setup (perhaps still there from Day 0).
    • Eye chart (10ft Snellen) placed where light can fall on it
    • Device to confirm distance from chart (a string with 2 knots was provided)
    • A sticker has been provided, to stick on floor or wall, so you can put the string away.
    • Eye obturator (blocks the eye not being tested)
    • Voice recording device (I use iPhone. In the box, if needed, a microphone and a USB adapter to use the microphone with your PC or other recording device).
    • Remember to test both eyes, with and without glasses = 4 sets of results.
  • Carrying out the test
    • Get in appropriate position
    • Record your responses (loudly and slowly, saying things like: "Testing Left eye, without glasses."  "E, F, T, O," etc.).
    • Remember to give your eyes a break, blink a bit, between tests.
    • Send response recording via email or messaging
      • can use "" or my private address if you have it.
    • Entering responses in a specific database locally
      • we do that when we listen to your recording


Some participants are essentially blind without their glasses or contacts.


To get around this, one person carefully measured half distances (5 feet instead of 10 feet

away from the Snellen eye chart, or even 2.5 feet away). Then she recorded the

result for each eye without glasses. While Snellen (now deceased) might find that

a rather shaky method, I like it. If done the same way on Day 0 and Day 11, any

changes in uncorrected visual acuity might still become apparent.


Test 5  - Attention & Reaction Time Test (est. 5 minutes)

  • The video that explains the test, also administers it. The test for Day 11 is found on Youtube at this link.
  • If you prefer, it is embedded below for direct use on Day 11 for your convenience.




Test 6  - 6 Minute Walking Test (est. 41 minutes in all)

  • Test 6 - 6 Minute Walking Test, (6'WT) with tests before and after.
    • Vital Signs using supplied equipment at rest ("Pre") then at 0, 5, 10, 15 minutes.
      • You may have the required equipment (or better !) but we like the idea that everyone is using the same equipment. Especially, for blood pressure measurements, using the supplied stand keeps things very consistent. 
      • Send in your Vital Signs Results by online survey or a picture of your completed form to
      • One finger stick and preparation of a blood smear at "Pre" (at rest before exercise)
      • One finger stick and preparation of a blood smear at 15 minutes after exercise.
        • Both are sent as soon as possible after their preparation to the address already written on the 'Day 11' envelope supplied in the box. Wrap the glass slides in the 3 "click together" plastic shipping boxes, wrapped as you received them. They're labelled to avoid error.


That's it for the Day 0 to Day 11 comparison by tests.

We'd like to ask you to do just one more ...


You've now lived the Photobiomodulation Experience !

So let's explore a bit more the pluses and minuses that you may have discovered about this intervention with light. Here's a link to the survey with which to do just that. Estimated time to take this: 17 minutes.


Thank you for your efforts: when fatigue may still make them seem larger than before LTC.

Hopefully, by "Day 11" there has been some improvement.


As soon as we have feedback to give, we'll give it.


"We" = William O'Neill


Thanks again.



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