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  1. Overview or Summary data for "long-term" COVID (LTC)

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2. Susceptibility to or Risk Factors for LTC

2a. Hypertension & Diabetes


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2b. Down's Syndrome


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2c. Nutrition and LTC susceptibility


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2d. Genetic susceptibility
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2e. Female predominance


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2f. Acute findings predicting LTC


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2g. BAME and Acute COVID


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3. Pediatrics and LTC

STAT. “As More Kids Go down the ‘Deep, Dark Tunnel’ of Long Covid, Doctors Still Can’t Predict Who Is at Risk,” June 10, 2021.
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4. (Reserved Space)


5. Matching LTC to other illnesses

Sukocheva, Olga A., Rebekah Maksoud, Narasimha M. Beeraka, SabbaRao V. Madhunapantula, Mikhail Sinelnikov, Vladimir N. Nikolenko, Margarita E. Neganova, et al. “Analysis of Post COVID-19 Condition and Its Overlap with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.” Journal of Advanced Research, November 26, 2021.

6. Therapeutic Approach

6a. Barrier Measures (Prevention)


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6b. Vaccination (Prevention)
6b1. the Vaccines


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6b1.1 Vaccination and LT COVID


6b1.2 Breakthrough COVID and LTC
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6b2. the Vaccine Concerns
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6c. Research

RECOVER: Researching COVID to Enhance Recovery. “RECOVER: Researching COVID to Enhance Recovery.” Accessed April 15, 2022.
6c1. Funding Research
Archewell | Shared Purpose. Global Action.
Focus: Fogarty awards $3.3M in COVID-19 supplements to support research, training - Fogarty International Center @ NIH
Fogarty's Role in Global Health - Fogarty International Center @ NIH NOT-TW-21-004: Notice of Special Interest (NOSI): Administrative Supplements to FIC Awards for COVID-19-related Research in Low- or Middle-Income Countries NOT-TW-21-003: Notice of Special Interest (NOSI): Administrative Supplements for COVID-19-Impacted FIC Research Training and Education Awards
COVID-19 Research Project Tracker by UKCDR & GloPID-R | UKCDR
UKCDR-0704-Tracker-Highlights-Long-Covid.pdf Opportunities – UKRI Who we fund – UKRI A Coordinated Global Research Roadmap
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