"Long-term" COVID-19 (or PASC), vaccination, dysautonomia - who knows the relations ?

Ans.: Perhaps no one, so far.

At least, not a summary statement that discretely answers the question about effect of vaccination (or non-vaccination) on subsequent findings in a PASC person.


There are parts of the components mentioned in the Articla Title above that

have been studied and written about.


To get at this, I went through my personal library and found at least 7 articles that might serve as a good place to begin. I have linked to them below to ease access for the reader.


If one works through these articles, questions like: "If I wasn't vaccinated, was "long-term" COVID-19 (PASC) more probable than if I had been vaccinated?" might be helped by having a look.


Was dysautonomia in its various forms or manifestations more probable for an unvaccinated PASC person ?


The topic quickly gets complicated.

Vaccines had positive effects.

Vaccines had negative effects.

Autoimmunity (example MS, Type 1 diabetes mellitus and other illnesses) quickly

seem to be a related topic in PASC. Vaccines, illnesses, viral illnesses can impact autoimmunity which has been known since quite a while.


Simply put, much of the response to vaccines in those with PASC, seems to be an explosion of the immune system, but of various sizes.


Let's let you read othrs now, instead of me.


Have a look at the articles.


See what they inform, for you.


The effect of SARS-CoV-2 vaccination on post-acute sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC)__A prospective cohort study


Autoimmunity in Long Covid and POTS


Dysautonomia in Children with Post-Acute-Sequelae of Coronavirus 2019 Disease and_or Vaccination


Dysautonomia in COVID-19 Patients__A Narrative Review on Clinical Course, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Strategies


Effect of SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination on Symptoms from Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID-19__Results from the Nationwide VAXILONG Study


Serological response to vaccination in post-acute sequelae of COVID


Risk of Long Covid in people infected with SARS-CoV-2 after two doses of COVID-19 vaccine: community-based, matched cohort study


If you read those (quickly or completely) you at least understand that this is not one topic or subject, but several. Some connections have been made, and others await connection.


If you have more questions than answers after all of that (Oh No !) don't hesitate to ask.

You can even send them to the address that those involved in my studies use to get their questions to me:


Through any response, I'll try to share what I have learned in the past 3 years or so.

Can't promise more than that.

And to quote one of my past Professors (Urology, during my training) when he didn't kno...


'I don't know. But if there's an answer, I promise you'll have it in the next 24 hours."


Never saw him break that promise.





PS: a bit off topic - serious side effects of the vaccine ? Were these openly or adequately shared with the public ?


Not a new topic.


Here is a 21 August, 2022 published article on the topic:


What are we aware of, and what are we still unaware of about efficacy and risks associated with certain vaccines? 


Serious adverse events of special interest following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination in randomized trials in adults


A link to one of the author's (Dr. Joseph Fraiman, MD, an ER doctor from Louisiana), interviewed by Dr. John Campbell is found here:


Since the above interview runs over an hour, here are some links to specific "snippets":



You should quickly get the point.

Perspective? Well one is trying to crash land a plane (or a project to create vaccines more rapidly than ever before in human history), doing that based on an ideal list of priorities may get a little strained. In general, the feeling is that the plane landed without too many injuries aboard. 




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