Updates on Duration of Illness

Here's a spot to place these data as they come in.


Goal? To update the Duration of Illness information collected back in August, September, thru November of 2020.


Haven't yet devoted 3 minutes to answering this survey's 8 questions? 

If you have "long-term" COVID-19 shame on you!


Here's the link (was already posted below), and share it with those who should be the respondents.


You know who they are. :


55 respondents so far is not bad. But we're shooting for millions! (Just like the virus did).



Data from Nov



As of 14 November, 2020 (55 respondents ) 

(but last responses came in on October 20, 2022, so we'd like to see more to give an update that's up to date).


55 Total Responses - ALL




Subgroups :


Still sick ...



40 - Illness Still Present




Almost Better ...


11 - Illness Resolving





No Longer Sick with "long-term" COVID-19...



4 - Illness No Longer Present




Other results from the survey on SurveyMonkey (8 questions) will be presented in a follow-up article once the number of responses has increased a bit.

I'll save interpretations and comments on the above until then.


If you haven't yet responded to this 8 question, 3 minutes to respond little survey, here is a link that will take you to it. Of course, only those who have or had a presentation suggesting "long-term" COVID-19 need apply.


And just FYI as you respond to this survey: "...respondents can change their answers on any survey page until they complete the survey." (After that, it is what it is).


Respondents above include individuals who responded to our first questionnaire from 

August to mostly November of 2020, and more recently on one of the Facebook Groups. 

Very nice to stay in contact with those from 2 years ago and be supportive as we can be from a distance. Also interesting to witness that their estimate of the day their illness began, varied little if at all from 2020 to today. (That's the value seen each time in the bottom right corner above).


If nothing else, the above duration numbers might serve to generate a bit more empathy

from the Medical Community for those with this "just too long now" illness, and drive towards deeper research in pursuit of the goal. Perhaps a bit more open-minded thinking about all of this as well ...


"The goal ... what's that ?"


To relieve suffering and heal the sick where possible. 


I thought it always was the goal.

But perhaps, 42 years and 3 months after I started to practice Medicine and Surgery, I'm now a little off the mark.




Well, still a disturbingly high number or percentage of people who are still sick after a long time.



Big Picture?


Well overall, including those that are getting better or over it, 73% of these respondents with "long-term" COVID-19 have an illness that's still present, and present on average  for 25.8 months.


Those figures emerged from the responses that were last given October 20, 2022.

So we'd still like to see some more responses.


Such data are a very clear call for help to sustain and support all those who have "long-term" COVID-19 and are still struggling with it.


And here below, the last update ...


67 Total Responses - ALL respondents




'nuff said.


But do come back from time to time.






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