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What follows is essentially the study's Participant Calendar written out.


There are 4 groups of participants in two arms of the study.

The two arms are Endurance Athletes (EA) and Not Endurance Athletes (NEA) who are enrolled in the study because of "long-term" COVID-19.


Each enrollee in the study is randomized to an "Intervention" or an "Intervention +" subgroup.


The only difference is that the "Intervention +" subgroup does an additional 10 minute intervention with light applied to the upper back, overlying the lungs (posterior thoracic region). Other than that, everyone in the study is doing the same thing.


And to better understand what that "same thing" actually is, links are provided below to each subgroup's daily routine, organized by day number.


As mentioned before, the Participant's Calendar doesn't include a "Day 0." 

This represents a day of preparation and familiarization. When supplied materials arrive, 

"Day 0" is a day to take things out of the box, look things over, and try them out.

The DEMOS have been created to cover all the details of that process, which can of course be viewed even before receiving the equipment.


"Day 0" could even be a couple of days, and before actually starting the study protocol.

Once that begins, from Day 1 to the end, it proceeds without interruption, 31 days.


Here are the links (coming soon!):


Not Endurance Athletes (NEA) - Intervention subgroup


Not Endurance Athletes (NEA) - Intervention + subgroup


Endurance Athletes (EA) - Intervention subgroup


Endurance Athletes (EA) - Intervention + subgroup


Click on the subgroup that you have been randomly assigned to.

You'll find your day-by-day Things To Do list.


The above articles and links will soon be created and placed here.

It won't be long!


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