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A look at Scalar Energy, and the company that's selling the product, Scalar Light.


Can the average person (whoever she is ...) distinguish good science from bad science?


Scientific complexity of any study or project will make it increasingly difficult for

the lay person to find the Truth: More importantly, to decide to take specific action based

in that Truth, or decide to do nothing differently.



Example 1:

Throughout the present site, we are organizing a process of making controlled observations, before and after an intervention, to get to its potential effectiveness. That, based in our prior work and results.


That intervention:

  • - uses light of two wavelengths (660 nm, red and 830 nm, near-infrared), applied to volunteers in a specific manner.
  • - it is founded in the "prior art" literature where such specific lights (referred to as Low Level Light Therapy (LLT) or photobiomodulation (PBM)) have proved to be not only safe, but effective for several different indications. It has an actual use history that can be traced back through the last 40 or more years. No untoward complications of its use have been identified that we are aware of.
  • - possible effects will be sought through careful measurements made in an adequate sample of participants, meeting specific criteria.
  • - small group statistical methods will be applied to define, if significant and desired effects of this intervention are present, or absent.
  • - results, with either result, will be appropriately presented here, but also in the professional literature, allowing and encouraging other researchers to challenge, confirm, or overturn results, findings, and interpretations.
  • - if this is the first time that you have heard about such an intervention with light, it may be because the Pharmaceutical Industry has not yet figured out a way to put light in a capsule.



Question: How much can the average "lay person" be expected to understand of the above Example 1?

And a 2nd ?: How much can one anticipate that the above process or protocol will change a person's behavior about giving such an intervention a try?


(Even that question may be too abstruse to be understood by many).




Example 2:

At this site, an intervention is proposed to the public:


That intervention:

  • - uses light from the sun and/ or stars to provide a source of Scalar Energy
  • - it is founded in a previous literature that most in the field today (Physics), do not accept.
  • - it uses a photograph of a person, placed in a machine that was developed by the director of this project, to accomplish a host of possible quantum effects, felt to be clearly beneficial.
  • - these effects are made possible through decoding the quantum information present in the person's picture of his/ her face.
  • - successful results are presented by the sellers of this intervention, without any need for presentation of methodology, results, data analysis, nor references to presentation in the professional literature.
  • - a 15-day trial period is offered for free to all who elect to try this for whatever reason they chose.


Question: How much can the average "lay person" be expected to understand of the above Example 2?

And a 2nd ?: How much can one anticipate that the above will change a person's behavior about giving such an intervention a try? If presented data are lacking, can sales techniques be of any use?


Here's how that looks ...


My Opener






First introductory message: Feeling threatened.



And again ...



2nd message: Works by using a machine that recognizes quantum energy on a person's photograph. Possible results include: balancing the 7 Chakras and Brain Waves, creation of required micronutrients, breakdown of toxins, pollutants, microbes. This accomplished by "changing the terrain of the quantum body."




A bit more ...



3rd message: the speaker has developed instruments that "control scalar energy from the sun and the stars." "... controlling molecular or atomic forms." "... controlling physical forms."

Must be valid. Why, he's even on LinkedIn.



And just a bit more ...



4th message: to help better understand, "scalar energy and electromagnetic energy are two distinct dimensions." (Certainly clarifies that topic).



Completing the picture, the following to help better inform the viewer/ reader:

"The miracle that is Simply Science..."





A testimonial is always popular ...



On the left, a person witnessing to positive effects and on the right a person who obviously has no idea about what "peripheral neuropathy," "tinnitus," or "eczema" might actually be.


But the unmeasured results of the person on the left ("98% improved") remain impressive, and obviously a source of pleasure for the person on the right, who serves as an actual witness to the witnessing of the person on the left.


A powerful exchange in the name of Science.





A strikingly lucid presentation of light energy and capture of lightning bolts for an enthralled audience, none of whom missed the BELIEVE sculpture on the left side of the speaker's table.



Nothing prevents the application of Scalar Energy and Light to other fields.

Here, branching out to solve problems with GMOs present in our environment and diet.





If one searches using Google, for more information on Scalar Light and/ or Tom Paladino, one is presented ONLY links that go directly to information provided by Scalar Light and/ or Tom Paladino. Nothing else. No BIO, no history. Quite an amazing feat.

Of course, to get closer to this powerful source, one need only be one of an increasing number of "empowered people."




When, to make your viewing easier, I had strung the above videos together, and tried to upload that resultant video to Youtube, the upload (I gave it all night to upload) stayed stalled at "98% of video uploaded - 3 minutes remaining" for 12 hours (if not forever).




Time to expose the Conspiracy?

Spare me ...


And at least one review of Paladino's work has been rather negative.


But if one doesn't like the style of Scalar Light, the market already includes other sources

for your Scalar Energy. Here's an example, and a quite convincing testimonial. Here's their offer, price, and what you'll get for your $1,769.00 if you get their top of the line.


Of course the "essential kit" can be yours for a reasonable $2,457.00. Seem expensive?


Recall that this is Science.



So, do scalar energy or scalar waves actually exist?

Yes. You bet.

And physicists still publish about these entities.


And finally, is it a wave, an energy,  or just a signal?

The above link addresses just that.


Does that help clarify things for the "lay person"? No.






But there is today a "take-away" message. Perhaps several.

  1. BOTH projects include enough scientific complexity to lose the "lay person." Contrary arguments about which is real science and which isn't, won't solve this problem.
  2. The "go between(s)," always charged in the past with overcoming this hurdle for the "lay person" caught in the middle, were various representatives of the scientific community: from a scientific researcher often a University Professor, to a person's private physician, who conscientiously did the "translations" from Science to Applied Practice.
  3. Unfortunately step 2. just above, may have lost a great deal of objectivity in preparing such "translations." Result: a loss of trust in such "translators." An example of the impact might be certain populations (I'm thinking Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic or BAME populations as a specific example) where lack of trust in approaching 'the System' is a major contributor to delay in diagnosis and treatment, and to the worse outcomes that follow. Does 'the System' still merit unquestioned trust? Some might answer: "Well no, but it's the only 'System' we've got..."
  4. "Snake oil" has been sold for centuries. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Xinhua News Agency claimed that the herbal product Shuanghuanglian can prevent or treat infections from coronaviruses, stimulating sales across the United States, Russia and China. However, these claims have no basis in science.[11][12]
  5. A study may be carefully thought out, prepared, carried out, analyzed, it's conclusions clearly presented, and of a clearly positive benefit-to-risk ratio for the "lay person." 
  6. It may be years before such a result and effective intervention penetrates through the muck of the extant 'System' to reach the "lay person" in need. That finding is also, not new. Those who study this more closely identify a 17 year average delay between scientific discovery, and patient benefit. Clearly, that impacts on potential sources of investment in research. In today's world, waiting 17 years for one's first appearance on a talk show, (or return on investment), isn't what happens either.
  7. I find it interesting that committing to following the basic and well-defined steps of formulating and refining a hypothesis, making observations to approve or disprove, and for quantifying results that lead to conclusions ... begins to sound like taking a position as an activist against 'the System'.




The Original Snake Oil



We stay committed to doing our work at, and doing that in the best possible way to get a needed, safe and effective intervention (but only if results define it as that) to the person who is likely to benefit from it, and as soon as possible.






No, that's not a picture of me.






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