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Informed consent is a process that begins with the recruitment and screening of a subject and continues throughout the subject's involvement in an investigation.


The forms below detail the potential benefits and risks of participating in the assessment of an intervention aimed at helping an individual who presents with “long-term” COVID-19, that intervention using specific wavelengths of light.


The signed documentation of consent serves to provide a record that the consent process took place. Of course, it includes the process of letting questions come up, and answering them as best as possible at the time. Here, that would happen by eMail to begin with.


This topic is covered in two PDF documents at present, one in English and the other in French.

And copies as well in WORD (*.doc) if prefered.


Introducing Informed Consent in this way also permits a person considering participating in the study to print it out, think it over, and if the decision to participate is "Yes," to sign it and send it back for our signature, to then be filed with those of other enrollees.



Informed Consent Signature Form (PDF)


Same form, but in Microsoft WORD (*.doc) format




Formulaire de signature de consentement éclairé (PDF)


Même formulaire en format WORD





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