July 6, 2022 - News clips

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(Copied from MedScape)


Voici tout l'article, en français.


NEWS - more long COVID in Mexico and in adolescents



For the English speakers (and readers), here's a summary:


  • new cases of actute COVID-19 have increased around the globe in the past 7 days.


  • "long-term" COVID-19 is (finally) being recognized where it has been all along for quite a while, and including more often in adolescents (in our 2020 study, age was 48±10 years for those with "long-term" COVID-19). "Seek and ye shall find."



Say, are you among those who still have lots of questions about "long-term" COVID-19?


Have a look at this "long-term" video to get those questions answered:

(sorry, but at a duration of 57:18, I couldn't resist).





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