CoQ10, Ubiquinone, Ubiquinol: who ya gonna believe ?

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Information that is available about these different forms of the same substance.


Caution as you advance: these substances are marketed to the public. A significant misinformation risk is therefore present.


Here below, we offer links to some of the available literature, but no personal opinion or advice.


Let's ask Doctor Jaffe what he thinks ...


And here are links to related articles, offered as in PDF, that one can open, read, download.


Articles about CoQ10, Ubiquinone, Ubiquinol forms of these structurally related molecules.


Bioavailability of Coenzyme Q10__ An Overview of the Absorption Process and Subsequent Metabolism


Bioavailability of Ubiquinone versus Ubiquinol


Coenzyme Q10__ A Miracle Nutrient Advances in Understanding


Comparative Bioavailability of Different Coenzyme Q10 Formulations in Healthy Elderly Individuals


Role of Coenzyme Q10 in Health and Disease_An Update on the Last 10 Years (2010–2020)


Ubiquinol is superior to ubiquinone to enhance Coenzyme Q10 status in older men


Obviously, this foray into CoQ10 is only very peripherally related to the primary purpose of this site.



Ubiquinol and Ubiquinone and potential areas of application

You may not read this final section below until you have read ALL of the above articles and listened to Dr. Jaffe.


So the main difference structurally between ubiquinone and ubiquinol is two Hydrogen atoms.

That's enough to make one form, more important in the inner membrane of mitochondria, and related to the transfer of electrons in the electron transport chain, ... and greater importance in antioxidant effects and reactive oxidant species for the other form. 


It is synthesized in the body. The two can be interconverted. Food intake and dietary choices may not provide "enough" especially given the different blood levels found in children, the young (higher in general), and the elderly (lower, in general). Watch out for statins. LDL cholesterol is essential to the transport of ubiquinol in the blood. And statins (as you know) are pitched at reducing LDL cholesterol. If one has a coronary artery layered with plaque, where lies the priority ?



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